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Many homeowners are switching to smart lighting because of its many benefits. With a voice command, for instance, you can turn on or off the bulb and increase or decrease the brightness. Most smart light options also come with a mobile app that lets you create scenes, schedules, and more. If you want your home lighting setup to be smart, an affordable and simple way is to outfit individual rooms with smart switches or smart bulbs. This lets you control your lights with much ease. Here are more specific benefits of replacing your existing lighting with a smart switch


 Access from Anywhere

With smart lighting, you can control your entire home lighting from anywhere. Smart bulbs or switches with remote functionality come with a mobile app that lets you control your lights with just a tap of a button.

This smartphone control feature doesn’t require your phone and the smart light to be in proximity. Instead, you can manage your lights as long as your phone and home are connected to the internet whether from the comfort of your couch, bedroom or beach.


Play with Different Colors Available

Another innovative feature of our smart lights is that they offer different color options. These products often let you change the lighting color based on the mood, atmosphere, or time of the day.

From intense bright light for studies to soft lighting when you are trying to wind down with warm lights, our smart lights offer multiple lighting options.


   Control Your Light with Your Voice  

Smart Lights and smart switches can be networked with smart home platforms for voice Control features. Using these voice-activated light systems, you can, for example, tell Google to turn on lights in all rooms or ask Alexa to reduce the brightness by a certain percentage..


Save More on Energy and Money

Smart lights enable you to cut costs. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), for example, use 70 percent less energy and produce 75 percent less heat compared to incandescent bulbs. LED smart bulbs even save more on energy use. Most smart lights use CFL and LED lighting technology that lets you use less energy, and this translates to significant savings on your utility bills.

Some products have a sensor that can detect movement and occupancy. You can program your lights to light up when someone enters the room or when certain actions are triggered. This is more effective and cheaper than living with the lights turned on. 


Enjoy More Security

Some smart lights can be linked to other smart home devices such as security cameras and alarm systems. Simply configure the light to come up when the camera detects movement and its alarm sounds. This helps create the illusion that you’re at home when actually no one is around, which can help keep opportunistic burglars away from your property.

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