Home Automation and How Does it Work

Home Automation and How Does it Work

05.02.20 12:18 PM Comment(s) By Wynbee

Home Automation and How Does it Work

Home automation” is the new revolutionary step towards making lives more simple and convenient. It stands for automatic and electronic control of your house through your smartphone as well as voice. In Layman’s language, through home automation, you can control all your home appliances with your smartphone and make it a smart home to save your time, energy and money.

People have this misconception that smart home automation is limited to only switching on and off the fan and lights but it’s much more than that, you can create scenes according to your mood, set timers for curtains to close automatically during the day, set particular temperature you want your house to be in different periods of the day, you can also set events such as “Coming Home” or “Leaving Home” so that all the appliances can switch on and off automatically when you leave home or come home.

So home automation system not only makes your life convenient but also efficient, you can focus more on work when you are 100% sure that you haven’t left that fan or that geyser on, which will result in better performance and better you.

Home Automation is not only a step towards technological revolution but also a step towards happier lives.

  • How Does Home Automation Work

What all appliances can you automate? Through home automation, you can automate any appliances with modules which are inserted behind the switchboards and it acts as an intermediary between your appliance and your command.

Once the modules are fixed behind your switchboard you are good to go.

Home Automation products are totally wireless and it doesn’t require any modifications to your switchboard. Now you can dim the lights or change the colour of the lights according to our mood for example party mood, movie time, reading mood etc, you can create scenes so that your house is ready for you when you come back home. You can also automate your security system and control it from anywhere in the world, now you can control your door locks, alarms and security sensors no matter where you are.

You can set time-related commands so that smart home automation can switch on and off the lights at a particular time of the day, Once you start realizing the scope in which automation can make your life easy you will start exploring different ways to make your life more comfortable and time-related command is just an example of that.


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