3 Best Ways to Protect Your Home

05.02.20 12:27 PM Comment(s) By Wynbee

3 Best Ways to protect Your Home

It is important for the confused viewers to know what home security solution basically is, it is securing the house/workplace entirely with a system that would be handy and user friendly which includes both the 24/7 monitoring and the alarm security system. There are different types of products that I am going to categorize into three main categories that includes the good old CCTV system, the traditional alarm system and the DIY smart home security system which are as follows:


 A) CCTV Security System

 Is the oldest system in the field of security and considered to be the best while with the changing time the break through options for a wired security system has become really easy for the burglars for example:


1) If the DVR is either burnt or stolen the CCTV becomes useless.


2) If the central power is cut off the entire CCTV security is dead and no live feed is updated.


3) The most important part the CCTV does not have any kind of alarm or security that alerts you if any kind of foreign/unwanted activities are taking place.


4) Also the maintenance and the installation is a hectic task. Wiring a traditional CCTV system is a tedious process.

Concluding to the point that CCTV cameras are good for surveillance yet lack the features of a proper and protected security system.


 B) The Traditional Alarm System 

 The traditional alarm system is a one of the newly introduced security system in India and some of them are wired while some of them are not which I would give a 5 out of 10 because of the drawbacks limiting/restricting the security options


1) The alarm system does not provide any kind of surveillance.


2) If it’s wired it can be easily shut down by cutting of its main power and is hence of no use.

3) There are no safeguards in place to avoid false alarms which can become an increasing headache for the users


4) The lack of control and customizability options is probably one of its major drawbacks.


Which concludes to my rating for the alarming system which can be set at a place where there is a 24/7 human security and the alarm rings hence the situation could be handled properly but would not be the best option for a home security system. 


C) DIY Smart Home Security System


The DIY smart home security has newly been introduced in India and very few companies sell it in India and according to me is perfect for home/workplace security and is effective as it has multiple features that are absolute game changers, like:


1) Alarms plus surveillance at the same time which is the best perk of these smart devices.


2) Fully wireless with a cloud back up which also makes it easy for installation and is effective for use.


3) Directly connected to the smartphone app, no third party system involved (like CRM/monitoring services) which ensures total privacy.


4) Since it is directly connected to the phone it sends instant alerts and is highly customizable through the app itself.


5) It has many safety backups involved as well such as battery backup in case of power failure, cellular connectivity in case of wifi connectivity failure. These backup measures make the


Therefore looking at the data presented in the above answer DIY smart home security system would be the best security solution for home/work space rather than all of the above options.


 -Out of the few DIY smart home security systems the leading brand would be Wynbee Smart Home, which also has come to my notice as the first DIY smart home security system in India. Which is a cloud based security system as I have been using it since almost a year now and I have a pretty positive review about it and this small image would properly explain the working of the system.

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