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  • Make Your New Home Smart and Intelligent 
    With Wynbee Luxe Solution  

    Wynbee Luxe offers advanced smart home solutions, ideal for new homeowners or anyone looking to enhance every corner of their home. Perfect for those beginning their interior design journey or starting from a bare shell flat, our range includes smart lights, Smart curtains, Smart sensors, home theaters, and cutting-edge security automation. Elevate your living experience with Wynbee Luxe comprehensive smart home technology.

Enjoy Ultimate Convenience with Automated Lighting

Light Automation

Smart light automation offers energy savings, convenience, and enhanced security. It enables remote control, scheduling, and customization of lighting scenes. This technology increases home efficiency, improves ambiance, and can be integrated with other smart home systems for seamless functionality.

App Control

The Wynbee Smart App lets you control all smart devices from one place, providing convenience and efficiency. Available on Playstore and App Store, it enhances home automation, offering seamless integration, user-friendly interface, and improved device management.

Voice Control

Wynbee smart devices integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, enabling voice control for enhanced convenience. Simply issue voice commands to adjust settings, control lights, or manage appliances, making home automation effortless and hands-free through these popular smart assistants.

Scene Control

Smart light scene control offers tailored lighting settings for various moods and activities, enhancing ambiance and comfort. Easily switch between scenes like reading, relaxing, or entertaining with a tap or voice command, creating a personalized and immersive environment effortlessly.

No Internet Required 

Wynbee smart devices use the Zigbee protocol, allowing them to operate without an internet connection. This mesh network ensures reliable, fast, and secure communication between devices, providing uninterrupted smart home functionality even when offline.

Zigbee Protocol

The Zigbee protocol offers low power consumption, reliable mesh networking, and enhanced security for smart home devices. It ensures seamless communication, scalability, and reduced interference. Installing Zigbee enables efficient, robust, and energy-saving connectivity for a wide range of smart applications.

Home Theatre

Wynbee installs home theater setups with wall and in-ceiling speakers, amplifiers, woofers, projectors, and screens. Offering Basic and Premium packages, they ensure customized, high-quality audio-visual experiences with professional installation, enhancing entertainment in your new home.

Smart Security

Smart security devices offer real-time monitoring, remote access, and instant alerts, enhancing home safety and peace of mind. They integrate with other smart systems, provide automation features, and can deter intruders, ensuring comprehensive and convenient home security management.

Smart Sensor

Smart motion sensors enhance security, energy efficiency, and convenience. They detect movement to trigger alarms, lights, or cameras, providing real-time alerts. These sensors help conserve energy by activating devices only when needed, ensuring a responsive and automated home environment.

Now Download Wynbee Smart App

The Wynbee App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, allows you to control and schedule all your smart devices with ease. Seamlessly manage your smart lights, curtains, sensors, and security automation from one convenient app.

Centralized Home Control Solution

Wynbee Smart Wireless Keypad 4 Button

The magnetic 4-button wireless scene switch enables convenient control of light scenes. Its portability allows placement anywhere, facilitating easy access to preset lighting configurations for customizable ambiance on the go.

Wynbee Smart Wired 

Keypad 8 Button

The 8-button wired scene switch offers versatile control and Integrating voice commands with smart mobile remote control app, it provides convenient, customizable control of lighting both manually and remotely.

Wynbee Multi Function Smart Touch Screen - 4 Inch

The 4-inch smart screen serves as a centralized control hub for home automation, allowing seamless management of all smart devices. With app and voice control capabilities, it offers convenient access and comprehensive control throughout the home.

Wynbee Multi Function Smart Touch Screen with Knob - 6 Inch

The 6-inch smart screen offers centralized control for home automation, managing all smart devices seamlessly. With app and voice control, it provides convenient access and control throughout the home. Additionally, its smart knob enhances user interaction.

Wynbee Smart
 Wireless Knob

The wireless smart knob offers convenient control over light temperature and brightness percentage. With intuitive adjustments, it provides effortless customization of lighting ambiance, enhancing comfort and flexibility in any environment.

Wynbee Smart Wired

 Knob with 4 Buttons

The wired smart knob allows precise control of light temperature and brightness percentage, complemented by a 4-button touch scene switch. With voice command and smartphone app control, it offers seamless customization and convenience for enhanced lighting experiences.

Wynbee Smart IR Blaster

The Smart IR Blaster enables seamless control of all IR devices via voice commands or a smartphone app. It offers convenience and efficiency by centralizing control, eliminating the need for multiple remote controls.

Amazon Alexa,
Google Home

Amazon Alexa and Google Home provide voice-controlled smart home automation, allowing seamless integration and control of various devices. They offer convenience, hands-free operation, and compatibility with a wide range of smart devices.

Illuminate Your Life with Wynbee Light Automation

Transform your home with the enchanting elegance of light automation. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of perfectly adjusted lighting that adapts to your every mood and moment. Imagine waking up to a soft, golden glow that gently eases you into your day, or winding down with a serene, soothing ambiance that melts away the stresses of the world.

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